Multiple Income Funnel Review My Experience

Multiple Income Funnel Review – Snappy Overview

Company: Multiple Income FunnelWebsite URL: Multipleincomefunnel.comOwner: Mack MillsCost: Minimum $49 Training:  3/10, Weekly Motivational + Minimal In 1st siteWebsites/Hosting Included: NoResearch Tools Included: NoWho It’s For: Intermediate to ExpertOur Overall Rating: 5.7/10Trust Pilot Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Stars

Welcome to this Multiple Income Funnel review. If you are reading this then most likely you have seen Multiple Income Funnel before and you are looking for more information.

Full disclosure I do have an account with Multiple Income Funnel, and if you click on a link and buy the product then I will be paid. I am not actively promoting Multiple Income funnel, I think it’s a good product for experienced people not beginners. I’ve written this review to show you what MIF is, the various elements inside, what I like about it, what I don’t like about it, and what I think is better for beginners.

Multiple Income Funnel – What is it?

As the name implies Multiple Income Funnel is a series of 9 income opportunities (As of Publication) that affiliates can earn from by promoting the front end product Multiple Income Funnel.

The 9 income streams are:

$49 a month

$30 a month


$20 a month and up to $8397

$30 a month



Up to  $100

$297 the $24.95 a month

Product  Price Commission Payout Rating
MIF $49 $20 Monthly
PLS $30 $20 Monthly
Textbot $100 $100 1 off
TA $8397 $3200 1 off
MLGS $30 $5 Monthly
Sc-Pro $997 $240 1 off
Crypto-U $297 $150 1 off
FA $497 $200 1 off
B-ECO $50 $17.5 varies

How does Multiple Income Funnel Work

In order for a person to access MIF you need to subscribe to at the rate of $49 a month or $350 a year. Obviously the yearly is much cheaper. For your $49 you will get access to a 4 step system that provides the following:

  • Step 1 – Is a 5 minute overview which leads the link for joining the private Facebook group, with 13000 members, and active posting.
  • Step 2 – Is setting up the first 4 income streams
  • Step 3 – Is setting up the e-wallet
  • Step 4 – Is a back officer tour

After you have completed the 4 steps, you are pretty much left to your own devices to work out, what to do next. You can ask in the private Facebook group but I am stubborn and decided to keep using free strategies to drive traffic which did drive the traffic to the MIF landing pages but I got very few leads or signups.

Multiple Income Funnel Review – Landing Pages

There are 8 different landing pages available consisting of 2 Facebook lead capture pages, 1 Facebook Video Sales Letter (VSL), 3 different types of standard lead capture pages and 2 standard VSL capture pages. In my case I achieved 4000 hits on two of these pages for only 28 leads. That’s a 0.7% response rate, which is low.

There are range of factors that affect the response rate, one of them is the landing pages. I think these landing pages are done in terms of sending cold leads to them. Sending warm leads is another story.

Here is the main lead capture page I used. Note I have hyperlinked the image to the actual lead capture page to see the video if your interested.

The training

I did eventually locate the training, which consisted of three separate pieces of training which are:

  • The 7 Steps to Success with MIF
  • Marketing System Success Training
  • Weekly MIF Training Calls

The 7 steps to success with MIF consists of 7 elements which are:

  1. Lesson 1 – Work On You
  2. Lesson 2 – Traffic
  3. Lesson 3 – Follow Up
  4. Lesson 4 – YouTube
  5. Lesson 5 – Facebook
  6. Lesson 6 – Time Blocking
  7. Lesson 7 – Launch & BONUS

Marketing System Success Training  consists of 3 headings which are:

  1. Training Intro 5 minute video
  2. success training  – 13 videos totaling 75 Minutes consisting of:
    1. Identifying & Harnessing Your Why
    2. Take the success pledge
    3. Set your goals then set your schedule
    4. Get plugged in
    5. Take massive action
    6. Overcoming Skepticism
    7. Become a product of the product
    8. Telling your story
    9. Beyond Money: Purpose driven goals
    10. Positioning yourself for maximum success
    11. TTP – Talk to people
    12. Help the first person get the next person!
    13. How to deal with negative people
  3. Traffic training – 12 videos totaling 70 minutes contains:
    1. Warm Market – Making your list
    2. Warm Market – ‘Refer-A-Friend’ Email
    3. Warm Market – ‘Refer-A-Friend’ Texting
    4. Warm Market – ‘Refer-A-Friend’ FB Post
    5. Warm Market – ‘Refer-A-Friend’ PM
    6. Cold Market – Paid Traffic Sources
    7. Placing Ads
    8. Offline Methods: Drop Cards & Business Cards
    9. The Money Is In The List
    10. Follow Up

In total there is 150 minutes of training, which looks very similar to training someone in network marketing would receive. Is the training good or bad? It’s neither good nor bad its just generic training that if you followed to the letter you would make sales, but do you have the stamina to keep going month in month out, until eventually getting a result.

This is why I think this program is more suited to intermediate to experienced internet marketers who already have a warm market that they have built over time. Beginners mostly do not have the patience to build the content or spend the money required to drive targeted traffic to the offer.

Now this is not the only training offered inside MIF most of the other income streams do have training with Fastlane profits probably the most current at a cost of $497.

What don’t I like about MIF

Here are the things I don’t like about MIF:

  1. It’s not beginner friendly as claimed
  2. It’s a self licking ice-cream which means the users of the product are also the promoters of the product.
  3. The cost to make all income streams available is up around $10000. Traffic Authority is the main culprit requiring you to buy each traffic level to open affiliate profits. You can buy the diamond product at $8397 to open up commission on all levels.
  4. The landing pages need updating
  5. The e-mail sequences are out of date
  6. The system is not clear for beginners.

What  I like about MIF

Here are the things I like about MIF

  1. It’s possible to make 7 figures with a good warm market
  2. It’s relatively cheap to start and test the water before committing.
  3. The weekly training calls are good
  4. The funnel systems is genius.

What do I think is better than MIF

To build online income it is essential that you create an asset or assets that you own and control 100%. In MIF the only thing you own is the leads, if you transfer them to an autoresponder service.

When I say an asset you own I mean an e-mail list or website that you fully control and can back up to a secure location in case your hosting provider or autoresponder crashes. You have the ability to restore your asset.

Building an asset requires, fast secure site hosting, domain name, website building software (Normally included with hosting) and an autoresponder to communicate with people who sign up to your site.

These are the basic to build your asset and the main cost is the hosting and autoresponder. Shared hosting with average speed is $3 to $6 a month and fast $10 to $20 a month. Auto responders can be free but normally start at $20 a month. Hosting is normally billed annually so you could have an upfront cost of $240 just to start.

The next biggest cost after setup is buying traffic through paid ads or generating keyword related content for your niche that is SEO optimized. Whether you buy traffic or create content yourself you are paying in $$$$ or time. MIF system does have training that can help you achieve that but the cost is significant compared to my recommendation.

My recommendation is to take training that will help you:

  • Understand how to make money online
  • How to choose a Niche or Market
  • How to build your own Niche website
  • How to setup your website
  • How to get your site ready for search engines
  • How to create the initial content
  • How to create custom menus
  • How to understand Keywords

Now all of this you can do without spending a dime, through creating a free account with Wealthy Affiliate and complete their training for free covering all these topics above including building your first website for free.

Then once you decide if an online work from anywhere business is right for you, then there is the option to upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate account to premium for $49 a month or $299 per year.

I have said Free a few times now but wealthy affiliate it is the best place to learn and grow your own asset. Just click the image below, register and begin your online journey.

Okay so you need a bit more detail. What I would suggest is have a look at the review I created for Wealthy Affiliate here it covers every thing you need to know.

10 thoughts on “Multiple Income Funnel Review My Experience”

  1. Thank you for this review. It was very well written. This program seems very legit and I can tell by the good comprehensive training they provide.
    The issue is that I do not like out of date programs like these which are costly and will end up ruing your bank account without you getting any benefits.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for the informative post: Multiple Income Funnel Review My Experience.

    I enjoyed this article and the content was very helpful.

    Purchasing a Multiple Income Funnel is something I may do in the future, so I will keep this page book marked.

    The content was excellent -thank you.



  3. Hi James,

    I like the training you have mentioned here with MIF and showing us what seems to be a decent program. I think people are a little worried about MLM these days after there were too many programs that never gave the user a good enough experience. However, MIF may be a new means to go for many to make a decent online business. Thanks for a great read.

  4. Hi James,

    Thanks for sharing the inside look of the Multiple Income Funnel. I think it provides value to people interested in purchasing this product. I don't like the idea of the user promoting the products they are using to make money. Affiliate marketing should allow people to promote any product in any niche they enjoy, so I will consider joining your recommendation, which seems like a better solution. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Matt. I agree with you in part.i think if the products prove value to a consumer then fair enough. If they don’t then that’s a problem imo

  5. When it comes to online platforms that helps one generate one or more streams of income, there are a lot of options out there.
    However, not all of them are created equal, and it is important to do research before investing your time and money as most of these programs can be pretty time-consuming and tricky to implement, especially for beginners.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Multiple Income Funnel as this would help people make a more informed decision on whether it’s good for them or not.

    I'm glad to hear that you found it to be a helpful tool, and I have to agree with you, that WA is a better option.
    One of the things that I like about WA is that it is a better fit for beginners and most people because it offers incredible training and support than most platforms like the Multiple Income Funnel.

    Additionally, WA has a much larger community of members, so you can always find someone to chat with or ask questions if you need help.

    I know this because I've personally used the system myself and have seen amazing results.

  6. Hi James! Thanks for bringing up this Multiple income Funnel Review to my attention. What looks like a nice earning opportunity, can turn out to be a nightmare. I see that you said it is not beginner-friendly, and also it can cost up to $10k to invest. I think this alone is something that will discourage many people from joining. Also, the fact that once inside of the program, you'd need to keep purchasing your way up, kind of pay-to-play approach is not my cup of coffee. on the other hand, your recommendation seems to be a much better fit for starters. Cheers

  7. As a beginner blogger and one who decided to try affiliate marketing, this sounds very complicated. I don't believe it is user friendly for the beginner. Even the description sounds complicated. I was a teacher by profession and I learned how to create units step by step which makes learning easier. However, this does not sound like it is user friendly, especially for one just starting out.

    I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. It gives you a step by step curriculum which helps simplify the process. Perhaps MIF would be better for a more seasoned blogger as you alluded to.

    Thanks for all the information.

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