The ULTIMATE Funnel Shortcut Review

If you are looking to drastically reduce the time it takes for you to build a sales funnel for just about any market, then you need to check out this The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut now.

What is The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut

The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut is a series of simple effective templates for all elements of a funnel and essential marketing templates that will have you selling your product or service in no time. 

Here is what’s included

✅ Facebook Ad Templates 

✅ Squeeze Page Templates 

✅ Sales Page Templates

✅ Up sell Page Templates 

✅ Thank You Page Templates

✅ Welcome Email Sequences

✅ Engagement Email Sequences 

✅ Sales Email Sequences  

✅ Webinar Email Sequences

✅ Webinar Scripts 

✅ VSL Scripts

✅ Easy Funnel Plan

✅ Landing Pages Ultimate Guide

✅ Landing Page Secret Hacks

✅ Sales Funnel Magic

✅ Offers That Kill!

✅ Client Avatar Worksheet

✅ 71 Lead Magnet Ideas

✅ Facebook Ad Swipes 

✅ 365 Day Social Media Plan 

This offer is a no brainer you receive all of these templates to either kick start your business or brainstorm new ideas for only $4.60 its a steel. There are two upsells for this offer.

Upsell 1 Ultimate Funnel Shortcut Commercial/Agency License for $67 probably not worth it if your buying for yourself. Worth it if you are looking to sell your services and get runs on the board quickly.

Upsell 2 Expert Growth Program is $1 for seven days access then becomes $97 per month. 

Key Features of The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut

Here are all of the incredible templates and scripts you can get now for just $4.60:

Module#1: Facebook™ Ad Templates (Value $97)

7x high-converting FacebookTM Ad Templates are included. These are the templates Adam uses to build FacebookTM advertising for himself and his customers that have brought him over $700,000.

Module#2: Squeeze Page Templates (Value $247)

You’ll receive 2x Squeeze Page Templates… His particular favourite, which converts at over 40%, is included. Give them a free lead magnet, such as a free report, to expand your email list.

Module #3: Sales Page Templates (Value $397)

Simply enter your product or service information, and you’ll have high-converting sales pages in minutes rather than hours or days. These 3x Sales Page Templates have been tried and true in the field.

Module #4: Upsell Page Templates (Value $397)

Ensure that your odds of recouping revenues from sponsored adverts are as high as possible. You will get 3x Up Sell Page Templates that have been refined through hundreds of campaigns and are now available for usage by you.

Module #5: Thank you Page Templates (Value $97)

Don’t throw away your Thank You pages any longer. You will get two Thank You Page Templates, one of which is a Long Copy Thank You Page that also promotes sales!

Module #6: Welcome Email Sequences (Value $147)

5x Welcome Email Sequences to help you establish connections and trust with new subscribers so they’re ready to go up your “value ladder” and purchase more from you. The “Perfect Welcome” and “Lead Magnet Follow Up” are included.

Module #7: Engagement Email Sequences (Value $147)

You receive 6x Engagement Email Sequences to keep providing your list with outstanding value and content. Simply fill in the spaces to see your email engagement skyrocket!

Module #8: Sales Email + Re-engagement Sequences (Value $327)

You’ll get 15x Sales + Re-engagement Email Sequences that cover about any topic you can think of. Flash sales, launches, cart abandonment, scarcity, sweetening the deal, and much more are all possibilities.

Module #9: Webinar Email Sequences (Value $197)

The most difficult aspect about webinars is ensuring attendance. The webinar day reminder emails and an indoctrination sequence are included in this bundle to achieve optimum participation. You will get 4x Webinar Sequence Emails with the sole purpose of increasing your webinar attendance rates.

Module #10: Webinar Scripts (Value $297)

2x Killer Webinar Scripts that have consistently converted up to 50% of registrants.

These templates provide easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for quickly writing your screenplay. Plus, 16 closes that are certain to increase conversions.

Module #11: Video Sales Letter Scripts (Value $197)

With these 2x Video Sales Letter Scripts, you can generate killer VSLs in minutes, not days or weeks. These fantastic scripts work because they prevent you from rambling on, forgetting your call to action, leaving out half of what you intended to say, and becoming tongue-tied, forcing you to start again.

Module #12: Easy Funnel Plan (Value $97)

You’ll discover how to build up the easy proven funnel approach that I’ve been using for years! This plan explains how to put up a simple funnel in less than 6 hours, the technology required, and how to design a funnel on a budget.

Module #13: Landing Pages Ultimate Guide (Value $97)

This Landing Pages Ultimate Guide will teach you everything you need to know about landing pages, including what they are, why you need them, and how to construct them fast and efficiently.

Module #14: Landing Page Secret Hacks (Value $237)

In this session, Adam will reveal the exclusive secrets that the world’s best entrepreneurs use to create a great landing page so you can start making cash right now.

6 Free Bonuses who doesn’t like FREE bonuses for only $4.60

  • Bonus #1: Sales Funnel Magic + Funnel Maps Value $197
  • Bonus #2: Creating Offers That Kill! Value $97
  • Bonus #3: Client Avatar Work Sheet Value $27
  • Bonus #4: 71 Lead Magnet Ideas Value $27
  • Bonus #5: Million Dollar Facebook Ads Value $27
  • Special Bonus: 365 Day Social Media Content Planner Value $397

✅ 7x Facebook Ad Templates (Value $97)

✅ 2x Squeeze Page Templates (Value $247)

✅ 3x Sales Page Templates (Value $397)

✅ 3x Up sell Page Templates (Value $397)

✅ 2x Thank You Page Templates (Value $97)

✅ 5x Welcome Email Sequences  (Value $147)

✅ 6x Engagement Email Sequences  (Value


✅ 15x Sales Email Sequences  (Value $327)

✅ 4x Webinar Email Sequences  (Value $197)

✅ 2x Webinar Scripts (Value $297)

✅ 2x VSL Scripts (Value $197)

✅ Easy Funnel Plan (Value $97)

✅ Landing Pages Ultimate Guide (Value $97)

✅ Landing Page Secret Hacks (Value $237)

✅ Bonus #1: Sales Funnel Magic (Value $197)

✅ Bonus #2: Offers That Kill! (Value $97)

✅ Bonus #3: Client Avatar Worksheet (Value


✅ Bonus #4: 71 Lead Magnet Ideas (Value


✅ Bonus #5: Facebook Ad Swipes (Value $27)

✅ Special Bonus: 365 Day Social Media Plan

 (Value $397)

That’s a quick overview of The Ultimate Funnel Shortcut. As far as I am concerned $4.60 to get all this content is a steal. Even if you do not use it for a funnel but repurpose it for something else it is awesome value.

Take advantage of it while you can.

Okay so this type of deal might not be your thing and that’s okay. What I would suggest however is have a look at the review I created for Wealthy Affiliate here it covers every thing you need to know.

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