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The Simple 4-Step SideGig System

A side gig is something you own, builds income, is portable, works while you sleep, and then provides you with the option to quit your J.O.B (Just over Broke) to live the life you have dreamed of, however that may look for you.


Meet Your Side Gig coach

There is no reason to ever stop learning new skills. The skills you learn today will pay off forever in the future.

Hi I am James Woods

I am the creator of sidegig.business, and I have been doing side gigs for a long time now. The intent of this site is to share with you my experiences and to help inform you about potential side gigs you might be interested in getting started with. On the site, you will also find reviews on new side-gigs, opportunities, products and resources.

Step 2 Websites

In and about the posts here you will often hear me talk about having your own website. The reason for that is it protects your side-gig from being shut down if you have built your business on any of the social media sites. Any wrong move and you are shut down. This is why I strongly encourage you to build your own website. I know that sounds daunting for some, but with the right coaching, you will be fine.

The company I used to get started with many years ago, was Wealthy affiliate. You can see why in this blog post.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Step 3 Send Visitors to your site

It’s fantastic choosing a side gig and then setting up the website for it, but this is a big but, you are dead in the water if you cannot drive traffic that converts into dollars, with paid or free traffic then you will need to learn how to or buy traffic through advertising.

Diving traffic with free or paid methods is a skill set that needs to be learned, to become a master of at least one. I mostly use free traffic, because I am a tight arse, and the times I have used paid traffic it has not produced the results I was looking for until I learned how. If you want to learn how, head to Wealthy Affiliate and complete the free Online Entrepreneur Course.

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