30 Remote work from home opportunities

For decades, men and women of all ages have craved remote work from home opportunities to make a little money or replace their normal income. Sometimes, it was as simple as recycling aluminium cans. Other times, it may have been getting a second or third job or turning a hobby into a full-time business.

Remote work from home opportunities

Luckily, in today’s world, you don’t have to spend a lot of time securing remote work from home opportunities in order to add extra income to your finances each week. There are numerous legitimate online and offline opportunities that you can tap into for extra profits.

Whether you need more money in your pocket for bills (or even just to enhance your lifestyle), or you are someone who is out of work and looking for a career that will support you and your family, the 30 remote work from home opportunities found in this report can be expanded into full-time work if you want them to provide even more for you.

With the current state of the economy and world events, many people are beginning to generate additional income online in their spare time, to secure their future.

All you need to begin is access to the Internet, in most cases. In others, you may need to use a certain digital tool, but there are many free versions you can utilize as you launch your new remote work from home opportunity.

Instead of getting roped into one of the many scams people try to get you to pay for online, you’ll be building a business that you’re in control of. There’s no scheme you have to involve yourself in – just work for pay with unlimited potential to provide a nice revenue source for you.

These remote work from home opportunities work for men and women of all ages. Many senior citizens supplement their retirement or social security using these opportunities, and you can work as many or as few hours as you want to.

Pick one to start with and if you find that you want to try something new, simply add it on as a business branch to increase your earnings. There are many ideas where you can outsource to others and profit from the work they do, too!

#1 – Offer Services as a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to making quick and easy money, one of the best things you can do is offer services as a virtual assistant online. Many companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, hire people to handle the administrative tasks they need help with.

Virtual assistant positions are typically paid hourly, although many solo entrepreneurs prefer to pay by the project. VA’s can handle things such as responding to emails from customers, uploading blog content, updating plugins, themes, and other things on their blog, etc.

Sometimes, a virtual assistant will be managing the personal business affairs of an individual, such as their travel arrangements or appointments they have online or offline. Start your own site where you offer services as a virtual assistant, or sign up on freelance platforms and bid on projects people post.

Transcribing videos or podcasts into text format is a lucrative gig. They may also need you to conduct some research for them, or handle small tasks such as uploading files and setting up product listings.

Most of the tasks you will be asked to do can easily be learned by watching simple YouTube videos or reading instructions that are already online. For example, if you are hired to queue up emails for a marketer, you will find a database on most autoresponder sites that tell you exactly how to do it.

#2 – Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative business models you can pursue. It’s also one that has a low threshold in terms of what you have to spend to get started. Technically, you can get started without spending any money at all by using social media platforms to share your links. But this can get you banned from social media platforms

However, if you do want to run your own site, which I do recommend, it will cost you no more than $50 a month maximum. All you need is a domain with hosting, and install a WordPress blog which is as easy as clicking a button and entering some basic administrative information so that it can build the blog for you.

Then, all you have to do is post regularly on your site and review digital and tangible products for your target audience. Some niches are primarily one or the other, but there are many dual profit niches where you can promote both digital and tangible items in return for commissions. An example of this is the woodworking niche, you can sell digital plans and physical products via reviews of products that point to Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.

Choose any niche topic that interest you – from pets to prepping, cooking to travel, and even topics like self-help, health, relationships and more. All you need to do is apply to a vendor’s listing as an affiliate and get approval on digital product sites like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, ClickBank – or tangible sites like Amazon, Commission Junction, or Share-a-Sale.

#3 – Start a POD Business Online

Remote work from home - print on demand

There are many individuals who like to order tailor-made items for themselves, or for people who are attending something like a baby shower or Bachelorette party. Consider having a business that needs several products created for its employees.

Sometimes, a brand will need swag produced for them, such as tote bags with their logo or tagline on them. Even authors like to hire print on demand (POD) companies to create things they can give their readers, such as bookmarks, tote bags, and more.

A print on demand business is perfect for those who don’t want to house a bunch of inventory. You will simply create the designs and list them on a platform of your choice. Customers can then purchase the design to be placed on an item of their choosing, such as a tumbler or t-shirt.

The company that owns the platform will then take your design and place it on the product before shipping it out to the customer on your behalf. This is a lucrative business for those who love to create designs and quotes that can be placed on things like coffee cups and more.

Click Here to read our POD post

#4 – Write Content for Online Entrepreneurs

When you start investigating everything it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur, you might be overwhelmed at how much content is required to get your brand and products in front of customers.

Entrepreneurs have a high demand for content, and there’s no way they can do it all themselves. Many don’t have the talent to write well, so they need to outsource it to someone like you. They will need content such as short reports they can use as lead magnets to build a list. They need blog posts they can publish so that they get found by people using search engines.

Online entrepreneurs also need content that they can queue up to their email autoresponder systems where they will nurture their subscribers so that they convert into sales.

They also need content for their social media sites, which can be numerous. In addition to all of this, they will also need things like full eBooks that they can put their name on and sell as digital info products to their customers.

Being a ghostwriter to marketers who are already successful can help you hit the ground running with your remote work from home business. Most entrepreneurs need content as soon as possible, and if you can be a reliable freelancer, you will have an edge over the competition because many of them flake out on projects and never deliver what is needed.

The best way to get started as a freelance ghostwriter is to sign up on sites like Upwork or Fiverr where there is a built-in audience of people ready to hire you. Because of the potential to be removed from these sites, it is also a good idea to start your own website showcasing your work, so that you can build your own client base. Think of it as insurance or risk reduction for your business.

Focus on Upwork or Fiverr first as that is the best place for new people to start, but build your website when you can with the aim of creating a well-ranked site for your niche that has a database of people who engage with your content. This is where your long term success will come from.

Whenever you begin bidding on projects, make sure you are not using generic material, but are addressing the exact needs of that particular customer.

You should have your profile fully filled out and a portfolio people can click on that will showcase samples of your writing, even if you create those samples strictly for the portfolio because you have never had clients before.

As you successfully fulfil your obligations to your customers, you will notice an increased demand for your services as word of mouth spreads about the quality and speed of your writing.

#5 – Manage Other People’s Social Media Accounts for Money

No matter how large or small a business is, in today’s world, the need to have a presence on social media sites. Unfortunately, this requires a lot of work to maintain because each site needs fresh content posted to the profile on a daily basis.

Not only do you have to create content for it, but you also have to engage with your target audience, respond to their comments and questions, and continually analyze what you’re doing right (or wrong) so that you can elevate your brand on the platform and increase sales and conversions.

Social media managers are in high demand these days because they organize a brand’s content and strategically publish it on the right platforms, at the right time, using the right hashtags and keywords.

If you enjoy being on social media, this may be the perfect side hustle for you. You will be making sure your clients’ content outperforms that of the competition. Starting look at the metrics and analytics provided by the platform to see where improvements can be made, and take their account to the next level.

Social media managers often work on sites like YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook (to name a few). They not only brainstorm, design, and create the content, but they figure out exactly how to use it so that engagement will be high and performance goals will be met.

#6 – Launch a Private Label Rights Store

If you enjoy writing content (or even creating audio, image or video content), but you don’t want to work for individual clients, then you may want to consider the option of creating private label rights (PLR) as your remote work from home opportunity.

PLR is perfect for those who want to create content once, but sell it at a lower price to multiple individuals so that they end up earning as much as they would ghostwriting, if not more.

This kind of content is in high demand. Companies and individual entrepreneurs alike will use PLR content to fulfil their needs. You may have a doctor with an offline practice who purchases private label rights content to use as a newsletter to send to their patients.

Or, you may have an online entrepreneur who has one or more niche sites and need all of the same content you would be providing as a ghostwriter – including blog posts, lead magnets, info product eBooks or video courses, email autoresponders, and social networking content.

Most PLR sellers focus on text only. If you know how to re purpose your text content into audio, infographics, and video files, you will be able to offer full multimedia packages to your buyers and can charge a bit more.

One thing you may appreciate about this business model is that you can make a lot of upfront money with a short term PLR launch, and then put the pack of content in a store where you can sell to people over time at a slightly higher price.

#7 – Recruit Affiliates for Success Vendors

Launching an info product of your own is a very big feat for many online entrepreneurs. A lot of work goes into brainstorming an idea and bringing it to fruition – from the research involved to the creativity, sales copy and technical listings.

Because of this, many online entrepreneurs need assistance with one particular element of their launch. They often don’t have time to foster relationships with top affiliate marketers who have the potential to bring hundreds, if not thousands of buyers to their sales page.

That’s where an affiliate marketing manager comes in handy. Starting start a side hustle working as the person who represents the vendor in the affiliate recruitment process.

Basically, your goal would be to go out there and figure out who would be the best prospects to serve as an affiliate for each particular launch, reach out to them with details and review access, and nurture that relationship until the affiliate agrees to promote.

You may want to set a flat fee for the work you will be doing, or at least charge hourly. There are some marketers who will offer a percentage of the sales that come in. If the vendor is reputable and you can trust that this will pay off for you, then it may be worth considering.

#8 – Become an Info Product Developer

You may even want to become an info product creator yourself. Even if you are not an expert, chances are you may know more than a beginner would about a certain topic.

Start creating info products on a wide variety of topics in many niches. For example, you might help people figure out how to potty train a new puppy. Or, you might teach them how to meal prep for weight loss or how to can their own fruits and vegetables for survival purposes.

Your info product can come in a simple eBook format, or you can create a video course that has multiple modules that are approximately 10 to 20 minutes in length for those who prefer watching the lessons. Once your product is created you have options about how you sell your product.

Two ways to sell your product is through direct sales like amazon or create an affiliate program for your product. If heading down the affiliate path then marketplaces like JVZoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank are great places to sell your product. These marketplaces are also good places to research your competition.

Note you can also do both direct sales and affiliate sales.

#9 – Create Online Graphics for Marketers

One of the first things consumers notice when considering a product is the graphics representing it. If your product has a graphic that looks like an amateur created it, the consumer will assume that the quality of the product is poor.

Therefore, there is a big demand for those who can create online graphics for marketers who don’t have those skills. Typically, online marketers will need graphics for their blog headers, social media profiles, logos, product designs, and banner ads that their affiliates can use to promote their products.

Consider being asked to create animated graphics such as banner ads, so if you have that skill added to your portfolio or service listings, you might be able to get more business. There’s also a huge demand by self-published authors for premade eCovers and print covers for their books. Start out with premade covers and then take orders for tailor-made covers if you want to work with clients.

In order to make some types of graphics, such as simple social posters or infographics, you might be able to get away with using a free tool like Canva. However, if you are creating a custom cover for an author, you may need something more versatile such as Photoshop or Canva Professional.

#10 – Make Money as a Drop shipper

Drop shipping is similar to affiliate marketing in that you serve as a middleman between consumers and brands. You create a storefront (sometimes provided by the company) and market the site for traffic, and the vendor fulfils that sale by sending the product to the customer.

The main difference is that you’ll be the one taking the money from the customer and forwarding a percentage of it to the vendor, keeping your commission in the process. Many people love drop shipping, and you can do this in many niches – from weddings to pets, fitness and more.

You don’t have to source supplies or keep them on hand. You simply act as a liaison between the two entities and focus most of your attention on the site-building and traffic portion.

In order to achieve the most success, look for products that are already in high demand so that people are actively searching for them online. Starting check social platforms and keyword tools to see how consumers are searching before you get into a niche. Hot tip search “TikTok made me buy it” in TikTok for trending products.

#11 – Become an FBA Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever purchased products from Amazon, chances are you’ve bought them from an FBA marketer. Fulfilled By Amazon stores are those where a niche marketer creates an eCommerce store on the platform and then sources and ships supplies to Amazon so they can fulfil them.

Why not just create your own site and sell from there? Because Amazon is a household name that consumers frequently purchase from. They have a level of trust, rapport with consumers and traffic that you don’t have.

There are many products you can use for FBA and eCommerce online. You have to source them first, and you have to find a good deal so that you can mark up the price and earn a profit.

Clothing, books, electronics, make-up, health gadgets, and other items are great for this. For example, you might find a wholesaler who can sell you 50 massage guns at a cheap price.

Then you create a store using FBA on Amazon and sell the massage guns at a marked up price point. You’ll have regular consumers and personal trainers purchasing these from you to use on their clients.

#12 – Get Hired as a Content Editor

Many people try to write their own content, but when it comes to getting feedback on their efforts, they’re not always happy with the results. They may have a specific desire to create their own content because they know what they want to say.

Trying to outsource their content to a ghostwriter is often difficult because it would take them longer to explain what’s in their mind than it would to just do it themselves. However, these marketers and brands will often hire a content editor to help them polish up their work before putting it online for the general public.

There are many types of editing that you can do. If you are working with a simple online entrepreneur, they may just want you to make sure it reads well so you’ll just be proofreading.

However, you may be working with a more advanced brand or entrepreneur who needs something like copy editing. If you are working with a self-published author, then you may want to offer developmental editing, line editing, or something else that fits their needs.

Editors can find work via word of mouth in writing communities, on freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork, and when clients find them at their own site they’ve managed to rank well in Google and other search engines.

#13 – Get Paid to Create Good Content on Social Platforms

If you enjoy creating content in many formats, in particular video, then you may want to take advantage of creator funds that are given to people on social media who attract a lot of attention with their content.

Start to find creator funds on sites like YouTube and TikTok. People start channels on a wide variety of topics. There are YouTubers who make money visiting theme parks like Disney World, and those who start their own cooking channel and get paid by the platform because they have a large following.

This is not the type of remote work from home opportunity where you will have money right away. But if you grow your account consistently, you will be able to enjoy some of the benefits of being a frequent content publisher on these platforms.

#14 – Get Into the App Business

If you go to the Google App Store, you will find thousands of apps people can download for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them are for entertainment while others serve a specific purpose.

Starting find things that will scan documents and turn them into a digital PDF file, apps that will show someone what they will look like with different hairstyles, apps that translate into two different languages for you, and more.

Start creating an app that serves a purpose like those above, or create something for a specific demographic, such as elderly individuals or kids. Consider creating an app that people have to pay to download, or create one that is free, where you make money off of in-app purchases.

#15 – Get Paid to Share Your Opinion

Imagine getting paid just to Give your opinion about something! This is a real remote work from home opportunity that is offered online by market research companies who need the feedback you’re willing to provide for their customers.

Many brands hire these research companies to gather information for them so that they can take their brand in the right direction to ensure alignment with their consumers.

If they have a certain demographic in mind that they want to sell to, they will ask the research company to survey people who fit that description. For example, they may want someone who earns a certain amount of money, who lives in a certain geographic location, who is a specific gender or age group, etc.

These paid focus groups are abundant online and you can sign up and enter your own demographic specifications before applying to work on certain projects. Sometimes, they will contact you and ask if you would like to be part of a focus group.

#16 – Become a Low Content Producer for Profits

If you’ve ever gone online to download something you could quickly print out on your own, then you have purchased a low content product. Low content producers make a lot of money by creating items that are not long-winded or in-depth.

For example, if your child needs help with their math and you don’t want to spend time coming up with problems for them to solve, you can go on Etsy or another platform and find printable math worksheets that you can use in seconds.

The convenience of low content products makes them an attractive option compared to having to purchase resources and wait for a company to ship them to you. It’s also better than having to get in your car and drive to a store to purchase something.

Low content products are great for the home school niche, but they are also prevalent in other niche markets. For example, in the weight loss niche, people like to download trackers that help them mark off each pound that they lose or each fitness goal that they achieve, such as walking a mile each day.

Starting to design low content products using a tool like PowerPoint and upload the files individually on sites like Etsy or Spotify. As you begin to get more products in your store, you may want to bundle some of them up into a larger package that you can price a bit higher.

#17 – Make Money as a Digital Notary Public

Whenever an individual has a document that they need verification that they are signing legally, they will go to a notary public who can witness their signature and verify their identity before giving legitimacy to the signature process.

Notary publics used to be an offline career only. But now, you can become a digital notary public who verifies the identity of individuals over the Internet, and through a live stream video, witnesses the signature of the document without having to meet in person.

Starting to make money as a notary public in your state, but you have to apply to become one and then pay the fees once you are accepted. After that, you can start offering services as a notary public to those who need you.

#18 – Create a Video Editing Gig for Quick Money

Video marketing is growing in popularity. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, second only to Google. Because of the high demand for video content over text content for many people, entrepreneurs and brands are in desperate need of someone who can polish their video content up and make it look professional.

As a video editor, you will sometimes be given a video file that is ready to go, but only needs an intro and outro added to it. But other times, you will be given various raw footage that you have to weed through and compile into a logical video sequence.

Usually, video editors charge by the minute of video they are producing. However, some people will charge an hourly rate such as $100 per hour. It depends on how much work they will be doing to polish up the video and whether they will need to add anything to the production, such as background music or images.

There are many types of video editing tools you can use, but if you don’t have one yet, and are struggling financially, you can use a freeware version of Camtasia known as CamStudio.

These side hustle gigs can be found online at places like Fiverr or Upwork, but you can also start your own site or start doing some free work for frequent video content producers so that they can spread word of mouth about your quality production.

#19 – Use Your Influence to Get Paid By Brands

Another side hustle that you can build quickly over time is to become a social media influencer. Similar to how you can earn creator funds, if you’re capable of consistently putting out good content that people enjoy, brands will pay you to mention their products.

Influencers can be in many niches – and your account doesn’t have to be about the niche topic if the demographic who uses their products is part of your audience.

For example, you might see some Teen Mom celebrities getting influencer money from brands that sell fitness or beauty products to young women. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to earn influencer money,

Brands simply want people with a large following who engage with their content and take their recommendations. Some brands will only promise you free products in the beginning, but you can rise to a level where you have certain cash thresholds that must be met.

#20 – Use Twitch to Rake in Revenue

If you’ve ever heard of Twitch, you may have thought it was only a platform where gamers live-streamed their play. However, this is a platform that can live stream almost any niche topic – and you have the opportunity to profit from it.

For example, there are live streams by artists who show tutorials and chat about their animation creations. There are live streams with tens of thousands of viewers who watch people create items out of Legos.

Besides arts and crafts, there are live streams that show food delivery people making their rounds throughout the city. There are even live streams with thousands of subscribers who like to watch people restore old watches.

If you have a passion for a certain topic, you can almost certainly find a viewership for your channel on this platform. Starting have paid subscriptions in order to access your channel, but viewers will often voluntarily contribute to your Twitch stream.

Many people who are on this platform get such a huge following that they begin to sell merchandise based on their Twitch persona or niche topic. Or, if you love video games and want to make money live streaming that, go for it!

#21 – Flip Household Items Online

Have you done your Spring cleaning this year? Many people do it year-round, but if you have items in your home that you’re not using – or that are even being upgraded, such as a washing machine, you can post in online platforms and flip them for cash.

In fact, some people watch for posts about free items to people who come get them and then flip other peoples’ household goods online for money. Consider things like clothing, dishes, tables, electronics, fitness gear and more.

Take some good pictures of the item and share as many details about it as possible when you list it on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Keep an eye out for things your family is throwing away and see if they can be flipped for cash instead!

#22 – Get Paid to Help People Learn English

Are you good with the English language and enjoy helping people who are trying to learn it? If so, you can become a teacher for foreign students (including adults) who are trying to connect with Americans or native English speakers to better their skills.

You’ll be working online via a video format, getting paid by the hour to help them learn common words and phrases as well as slang they might encounter when they visit the States.

#23 – Use Your Photography Skills to Earn Online

If you have a newer smartphone or a good camera, you can make money taking photos of items that marketers and publications will want to use in their online content. Stock photography sites are a great resource for side money.

Starting to take pictures and license them for commercial use. If your image has the right search terms and is attractive to the customer, they can download it and you’ll get paid a fee.

Get signed up to some of the most popular stock photo sites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock to become a contributor. Each stock image platform has its own set of rules, so make sure you read those beforehand.

#24 – Become a Published Author for Easy Money

Publishing a book has never been easier. You no longer need an agent and traditional publishing house to approve your book – you simply write it and upload your file, where it will go live in about 12 hours on sites like Amazon.

Self-publishing is very popular with authors these days, and it’s a lucrative side hustle (or full-time career) if you write well. Start writing short stories or full novels. You’ll get paid either 30 or 70% of every sale, depending on how you price your book.

Start writing non-fiction or fiction, use a pen name and even publish in multiple genres if you have an interest in different ones. You don’t need a website or anything – just the ability to crank out a good book and upload it, along with the cover image, to the platform to get started.

#25 – Become a Tutor for Flexible Hourly Pay

While some people teach English to foreign speakers, others teach traditional courses to local or stateside students. For example, you can make money tutoring a fifth-grade student about how to solve a math problem.

Or help an eighth-grader learn a science concept he or she needs to know. Consider helping them improve their writing skills for English class or a whole host of other topics. As a tutor, you’ll be paid hourly to log on and interact via video with your student.

#26 – Become a Paid Podcaster

If you don’t want to be on screen, and you don’t feel like writing, but you have a lot to say about a particular subject, consider becoming a podcaster. Podcast profits are growing as more people put their earbuds on and listen to episodes of a show while multitasking.

There are many podcast shows – on parenting, relationships, gardening, cooking and more. Starting record your episodes using your smartphone or a cheap microphone and upload it to Anchor.fm or another platform where it can be syndicated all over.

Your payment is similar to influencer revenue in that advertisers will sponsor your podcast by having you run their ads before, after or during your show. The ads will usually be under a minute and you can earn money by just allowing them to play.

#27 – Narrate Author’s Books for a Hefty Payday

If you have a good voice – one that’s versatile and can sound like different characters when you read aloud, you might want to tap into the growing audiobook revenue by becoming a narrator for authors.

Narrators take a print published book and read it from start to finish for authors who then sell audiobook versions of it. You’ll be paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for your time spent reading it and you can find gigs on places like ACX and Upwork.

#28 – Become a Domain Flipper

Sometimes, a marketer or brand will let a domain expire, and it’ll be a good domain that nobody realizes is now available. Starting register it for about $12 and flip it for hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars.

Start registering brand new domains and flip those, too. Some people flip them as URLs only and some domain flippers take time to build up the content on the site and get the URL ranking well in search engines before flipping it, so it’ll have more value.

#29 – Become a Tester for Brands

If you go to a site like UserTesting.com, you can become a tester of products and services. Not everyone gets accepted because you have to pass a test, but once you are, companies can choose your profile to help them test out their product.

Basically, the need to know if everything ran smoothly if you understood how to use it, and what your thoughts are after using it. The system can match you to opportunities and you’ll get paid for your performance.

#30 – Make Money with Thrift Finds

Do you enjoy the popular movement called thrifting? This is super popular with millennials right now – the thrift for their clothes and many are taking neat finds in thrift stores and flipping them for cash online.

Goodwill and the Salvation Army are good places to start, but you can also find thrift stores online where items might be way underpriced and you could purchase something and flip it for a profit.

Thrift stores are one place to go but don’t forget about looking on the seller platforms themselves to see if someone is underpricing or giving away something you could cash in on.

Look for electronics (even vintage ones), games, fashion items like clothes, shoes, and jewellery, and more. There’s even one guy who thrifts for vintage ashtrays and he’s making a small fortune just because he found a niche demand for them.

Starting one or more remote work from home businesses can be a fast way to make money online. Some strategies require more effort or time than others, but these are all methods of cashing in that won’t require much, if any, money upfront.

As you begin to earn, set aside a small amount from your earnings whenever possible and reinvest in your online businesses so that you can outsource work to others and still clear a profit.

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  1. Wow, this is a very comprehensive list of working from home opportunities, and far more than I had come across before. With so many more people wanting to work from home and looking for opportunities to earn income online, this is a very helpful list. 

    You have presented me with a huge amount of opportunities that I will explore more to enable me to work from home. Thank you for sharing this great resource. 

    1. Hi, LineCowley thank you for your comment. When you start to explore the remote work from home opportunities, you find that the number of opportunities available is almost endless. This can be a problem, because you may not be certain which to go for first. My recommendation is, to begin with, something that aligns with a skill or talent you already know or hold.

  2. Lorenz Valdez

    Hey thank you for sharing 30 remote work from home opportunities.

    I started working from home since 2016 and I’ve tried many of these. The one that I’ve stuck to the most is Affiliate Marketing. I have tried dropshipping but it didn’t go as planned. I would love to share this with some of my friends who are starting out.

  3. Wow, you have shown a lot of opportunities in this article to work from home , I have never seen this much! I have been looking for years to work from home, but often times these were pyramid scemes or MLM sales. They worked a little at the beginning and then they just stopped. 

    But in this list there seem to be lots of good ideas, and I am defenitely going to check out affiliate marketing. Do you earn money quick with this or does it take some time? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lizzy thank you for your comment. In regards to your question, affiliate marketing is the main way I make money online. All the methods in this post will make money some better than others but in terms of scalability and size of the market, affiliate marketing is the best of them all. Some people can have success very quickly and others are slower. 
      The key is learning what works for you and applying that in a consistent and scalable manner.

  4. pasindu dimanka

    Gosh, this is an extremely thorough list of work-at-home opportunities, many more than I had before encountered. This is a very useful list, especially as more people desire to work from home and explore for ways to earn money online.

    Since 2020, I’ve been working from home and have tried many of these options. Affiliate Marketing is the one I’ve stuck with the most. I attempted dropserving before, but it didn’t work out. This is something I’d like to share with some of my friends who are just starting off.

    Thank you for sharing 30 work-at-home opportunities with us. Keep it up, buddy.

    1. Thank you for your comments pasindu. I also focus mostly on affiliate marketing these days. My main reason for that is the simplicity of affiliate marketing and the ability to scale as you develop your skills and earnings. 

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